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Industry information
  • AAO 2016 will be held Oct.15-18

    AAO 2016 (AMERICAN ACADEMY OF OPHTHALMOLOGY 2016) will be held in Chicago from 15th of October to 18th of October. It's the most important event for the medical industry. Suzhou Kyuan also had great achievements in the past events.

  • should a surgeon and the discipline of surgery care about diabetes?

    Today we are faced with a world epidemic of diabetes, which is a major harbinger of atherosclerotic cardiovascular pathology. Few families, including those of surgeons, have not been afflicted. Medical therapy for diabetes is palliative; surgical therapy has been proven to resolve, if not cure, diabetes. For this reason, many metabolic surgeons are seeking simple and safe surgical procedures to treat diabetes in both the obese and the lean.

  • Do Women Surgeons Get Paid Less Than Men?

    This question will often rouse strong opinions, but most of the research on compensation in surgery is not still pretty mature. One reseach found, without adjusting for potentially confounding factors, the mean salary for women was $167,669, whereas that for men was $200,433—a $32,764 difference.

  • Medica 2016-World Forum for medicine

    The world's leading trade fair for the medical industry-Medica 2016 will be held in Dosseldorf from 14-17 November 2016.

  • DeviceChina 2016 will be held from Sept.9-Sept.11 in Suzhou

    DeviceChina is the premier event on China's Medical device industry. Last year, over 300 of the most influential industry leaders from both China and overseas attended the conference We are pleased that Suzhou Kyuan is one of them.

  • The import duty of surgical products and instruments will be reduced to Zero in China

    Recently G20 is being held in China. We are gald that the import duty of surgical products and instruments will be reduced to Zero in China in 3-5 years. 

  • The 21st Chinese Academy of Ophthalmology 2016 anual meeting will be held in Suzhou

    The 21st Chinese Academy of Ophthalmology 2016 anual meeting (CCOS 2016) will be held in Suzhou from 7th of September to 11th of September. We are honored that Suzhou Kyuan is one of the sponsors of the meeting!

  • MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2016 will be opened after two days

    MEDICAL FAIR ASIA continues to be the most important event in Southeast Asia for the medical and healthcare industry. From 31 August to 2 September in Singapore, the most of pharmaceutical, medical and rehabilitation campanies from all of the world will take part in.

  • Basic medical security system

    To strengthen the public health, rural health and urban community health services, and comprehensively promote the effectiveness of urban and rural residents in the basic medical security system

  • The rapid development of health service in China

    According to statistics, the rapid development of China's health industry, the total health resources continue to increase, further accelerate the structural adjustment

Founded in 1986s, Suzhou KYUAN Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd. has become a leader in the manufacture of Blood (safety) Lancets and surgical products in China. In this Era of Quality Consciousness, Kyuan is also aware of customer's requirements regarding quality. So in this regard, Company is accredited to ISO 13485, CE 0197 as well as GMP.

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