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Surgical Blades
  • Surgical Blades No.10-36

    (1) Available in both Stainless Steel and non-glare Carbon Steel. 

    (2) The best raw material and the production line of the latest techonology ensure the quality and production capacity.

    (3) Individually wrapped in sterile aluminum foil pack by Gamma Radiation.

    (4) 100 blades in a dispenser box.

Founded in 1986s, Suzhou Kyuan Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd. has become a leader in the manufacture of surgical products in China. In this Era of Quality Consciousness, Kyuan is also aware of customer's requirements regarding quality. So in this regard, Company is accredited to ISO 13485, CE 0434 as well as GMP.

  • Contacts: Mr. Shi Ye
  • TEL: +86 18651106599
  • Whatsapp: +86 18651106599
  • Mail: shi.ye@medi-kyuan.com
  • Address: Beiqiao Town, Suzhou City, P.R. China
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